About Ben Malton...

Over 12 years 121 Personal Training in Manchester
and worldwide through Remote Online Personal Training 

Find out how you can become the fittest, strongest and happiest version of yourself, as you look and feel in the best shape of your life. You'll learn how to reduce your stress levels both physically and mentally, improve your sleep quality and better organise your work life and leisure time.

You will benefit from the knowledge and experience gained through a full time and ongoing Personal Training carear in Gyms around the Greater Manchester area, and through Home, Outdoor & Remote Personal Training.

Holistic approach to Personal Training

The majority of Personal Trainers only support their clients with fitness training. This isn't enough on its own to get fast, effective and long lasting results. You will experience a holistic approach to Personal Training, which means you'll learn how to apply other key and essential areas to your fitness journey...

...some examples include learning about healthy balanced nutrition, while addressing many health issues through functional medicine. This is where we look at the root cause of many health issues, such as poor sleep, upset digestion, skin issues, mood issues, depression & anxiety, and so many other factors, most of which relate to nutrition. 

All training methods and principles have been tried and tested over the last 12+ years with hundeds of people, and are all researched and science backed to train the body in the most effective way possible. You'll also be trained and coached using science proven methods proven to get faster results, discovered within the last decade.