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Step 1: Need to discuss further?

If you have any questions before getting started with your chosen programme, or with the 121 Online Coaching, please drop me an email me or call/message me on my mobile and I will be happy to talk you through what you can expect from Online Training. Also check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the top menus.

Step 2: Select your training package...

Hopefully you've had chane to take a look at the different Packages and Onine Coaching options there are available. You can also check out the Key Features in the top menu bar which highlights some of the main aspects of your training journey to look forward too. Simply select Choose Your Training Package below...

Simply select your chosen programme after clicking above (opens in a new window) and you will be taken to the payment page.

Once you have made payment, you receive an email invite to download the Personal Training app to your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Once you have installed and opened the app, you will be asked to fill out my Online Consultation form, with a number of key questions which will provide all the key information needed to fully personalised and tailor your programmes to you, and better understand your health and dietary habits.

Once this has been completed I will aim to have your programme created and ready for you to start within 24-48 (usually same day) hours, or for whenever you wish to start.

Step 3: Consultation Form

Step 4: Get yourself started...

Once you get started, you'll will soon discover your Calendar on the app, where you will find daily advice and tips to help you get off to the best start posible, along with habit reminders and essential information.


You will be shown how you can link up other apps such as MyFitnessPal, and even link any smart watches and devices you might have.

I will be here to guide and support you throughout your fitness journey to help you have the very best fitness experience possible, and get results!

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Feel free to drop me a message, and tell me about you and your goals. Ask me any questions you like

You will receive a reply typically in less than 24 hours

You will usually get a reply right away during daytime hours, unless I am with a 121 clients at the gym, or speaking/video calling with one of my online clients.

0781 708 2745

If no answer, please leave a voicemail