Personalised fitness programme

Tailored to your specific goals, fitness level and preferences, and customised where you will be training, and any equipment you have available or just bodyweight exercises.


Progressive workouts

Your training will be continously progressed with new challenges each week, as you perform more repetitions, increases in weights and sets, and try harder exercise variations & techniques.

Video's of every exercise

Every exercise on your programme will include an exercise video & description demonstrating exactly how to perform each exercise. Any specific variations you need can be filmed for you to help you fully understand your training.

Learn new exercises every week

Keeping your training interesting and motivating is essential. You will learn new exercises every week, with challenges thrown in throughout your training so you are continously learning, without overloading you with too much to learn.

Nutrition coaching

Nutrition is an absolute key component of any workout regardless of goals. If you consume too many calories, you'll struggle to lose weight. If you don't consume enough protein, you'll struggle to build muscle. If you don't get enough nutrients in your diet, you'll end up with deficiencies leading to various health issues. Depending on the duration of your training and programmes, you'll benefit from up to 12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching, follwed by 6 Weeks of Advanced Nutrition Coaching, received by email.

Personalised calories & macros

Based on your goals, your personalised calorie requirement will be calculated, along with your recommeded macro amounts (fats, carbohydrates & protein). You can use your macros in diet tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal, which can be linked to your Trainerize account's calendar (as pictured left)

Support Groups

If you join one of the 'Challenges' I run, for example a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge, and other clubs/challenges, you will benefit from the sense of community as you become a member of an online community group accessable through the Personal Training app, where you can interact with others also doing the same club or challenge you are doing, ask questions, share ideas and more. Be sure so express your interest in any upcoming clubs or challenges.

Positive habits coaching

You'll receive helpful reminders on a regular basis to help you create those regular positive habits designed to keep you on track and get long lasting results. 

Weekly feedback

You will receive feedback on your training and diet every week as you stay in regular weekly contact with Ben, your Personal Trainer. Add things regularly to your calendar, track your workouts & physical activtiy and check off your completed tasks and habits.

Unlimited support & guidance

You'll be able to ask as many questions and seek as much help & advice you need to keep on track, stay motivated and continously learn new things throughout your fitness journey.


Personalised 7 day interactive meal plan

Created with your personalised macros and calories taken into account, along with any dietary preferences you have (vegan, paleo, keto, etc). You'll also be able to access your diet plan via a dedicated nutrition app, which will be linked to your Trainerize account for easy access. You'll also have the option to add, remove or SWOP foods on your plan. You can choose to your nutrition plan exactly, or simply use for ideas.

Nutrition coaching

With any Nutrition Plan, you will receive up to 12 weeks of nutrition coaching via email, followed by 4 weeks Advanced Nutrition coaching, as included with the Online Coaching above.

Weekly feedback on your eating habits

Simply record your daily food and drink intake with MyFitnessPal, and through the shared diary function you will receive weekly feedback on your eating habits for that week, along with constructive feedback on how you can improve and get the most out of your diet.

Food intolerance & nutrient deficiency testing

If you choose 121 Online Coaching GOLD or PLATINUM, you will benefit from Food Intolerance Testing, requiring only a hair or nail sample. You will discover what foods and drinks are causing stress or weakness on your body, resulting from a food intolerance to those foods/drinks. You'll also discover what nutrients you are lacking, also causing stress or weakness on your body, including a lack of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids and supplements.


The PLATINUM option also includes a second test you can use 2-3 months later to re-test and see if you have managed to resolve any intolerances and deficiencies you might have, or it can be used for  friend or family member. Anyone can purchase a test for £45 each.

And many more features...

These are just a few of the key features you will benefit from, all revolving around getting you the best results possible, while also educating you about health & nutrition which will set you up for life.