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Level 3 - Advanced

6 Week Home Bodyweight Workouts

Programme Duration:   6 Weeks

Training Frequency:   5 days per week

Location:   Home or Anywhere

Equipment Needed:   None

Fitness Level:   Advanced

So you're looking for a fitness challenge which is going to push your abilities in the limit? These 6 weeks will be tough to say the least, but not impossible. Your first week will get you prepped ready for the following weeks ahead. You'll be training 5 days per week, with each workout complimenting the next, so you are not overtraining any one area. You'll be learning some of the tougher body weight exercises and learn just how challenging you can make them with varied techniques and performance methods. Your routines will be tweaked based on your weekly feedback and preferences.


  • Progressive workouts

  • Videos of every exercise

  • Learn new exercises every week

  • Daily health, fitness and nutrition tips

  • 6 weeks nutrition coaching via email

  • Personalised calories & macros

  • Positive habits coaching

  • Community support forum

  • Dedicated online members area

  • Unlimited support & guidance

  • Weekly feedback

  • Competitions, quiz's & other fun activities

What happens after I make payment?

Any questions before getting started?

If you have any questions before getting stated with this programme, please let me know by dropping me an email, phone call or text/whatsapp, and I will be happy to talk you through what to expect.

Make payment for your training plan

Simply click the BUY NOW button, and make your payment of £59.99 for this training plan, which will last you over the next 6 weeks. This will be a one off payment, and you will have the option towards the end of the progrmme to purchase another level or another programme of your choice. The buy now button will open a new window on the Trainerize website, and take you through an automated process to set up your Trainerize account, and get you started right away on your new 6 week plan.

Consultation Form

Before you start your training, you will be taken through a consultation form with a number of questions written to obtain the neccessary information needed to fully personalise your training experience. Ben, your Personal Trainer, will contact you typically in less than 24 hours to personlly welcome you and provide specific and more personalised guidance throughout your 6 weeks. Your programme will also be tweaked throughout your training based on your preferences, fitness level, likes & dislikes and so much more.