121 Personal Training

Outdoor Personal Training Manchester

You can get in the best shape of your life without setting foot in a gym, and without the need for any equipment. Combining jogging/runing, sprints depending on your fitness, hills, park benches, open spaces and so many things we find all around us, you will discover just how adventourous, fun and effective your workouts can be outside. 

There are plenty of places to choose from around the nearby central areas, and your outdoor sessions can incorporate equipment light to carry/jog with from location to location, including boxing pads, gloves, TRX suspension trainer,  skipping ripes, resistance bands, ladders, etc.

Gym Personal Training

The Gym Group Deansgate

All gyms and leisure centres are expected to be closed following new goverment laws, until the number of new daily Coronavirus cases drop significantly enough for it to become safe again to leave our homes and roam freely.

As of the start of April 2020, this might not be until July 2020, or longer, with the current posibility and goverment talks of further restrictions to be implimented.

Register your interest with me if you are thinking about getting started with 121 Gym Personal Training sessions this summer towards July/August time, or as soon as this is all over.