Video Calls

Whether you prefer to talk on the phone, or would like to see a friendly face with video chat (Skype, FaceTime, Whatspp Video, etc) this is a great option that allows you to discuss your progress 121 with Ben, your Personal Trainer, as often as you like.

You can either use your video/audio minutes to discuss your progress with regular follow ups as often as you need, or you can use your minutes as an Online/Remote Personal Training session, treating the time the same way as you would if a Personal Trainer was stood there with you, so Ben can see your technique and also demonstrate other exercises.

Online/Remote PT Sessions

A typical Online/Remote PT session would typically last for around 1 hour, but can be personalisd to more or less time depending on how long you would like to train. All you need is a smart phone or device with camera (ideally HD 1080p) so that we can both see each other. A tripod is handy, but as long as you can prop your device up so we can both see each other, and so (1) you can clearly see me, and (2) so I can see you exercising, both stood up or laid down.

Free Consultation & Set Up

If you are not already training with me, your welcome to a FREE Consultation where we can test out the video chat and connection and see that all will work well. If you have any equipment, you can show me what you have, although no equipment is neccessary as it is possible to workout using only your own body weight.

Already a client of mine (The Gym Group)?

Until we get started with your training again once the gyms reopen, you are welcome to use your existing sessions as minutes/credits. Each of your outstanding sessions can be used, with one session equalling 60 minutes each. This time will be kept track of on your gym notes.

If you do not have enough sessions left, you can purchase additional minutes below. Unused minutes can also be converted back into PT Gym Session time with the same time value.

100 Minutes

200 Minutes

500 Minutes


one time


one time


one time




Gym/Online PT Time

Gym/Online PT Time

Gym/Online PT Time

1 hour 40 minutes

3 hours 20 minutes

8 hours 20 minutes

How will you use your Video minutes?

Online PT Video Sessions --- Video Chat With Your PT --- Convert to 121 Gym/Outdoor/Home PT Sessions